CCM U+ 07

$190.00 Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1The CCM U+ 07 is a mid-grade ice skate pair designed specifically for hockey players. The CCM U+ 07 pair is manufactured both for adults (Senior) and children (Junior) and is meant to be purchased with the U+ Pro hockey gear which includes a full set of Hockey armor.

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The CCM U+ 07 ice skate pair includes a unique "UFOAM" material interior which CCM claims will conform to the user's foot once it gets warm, obviously the warmth would come from the body heat of the wearer. The U+ 07 pair also includes what CCM calls a "Vectorarmour Quarter Shield" which basically just means the exterior is designed from a thin plastic or "golf ball like" material which is meant to protect from blade cuts and contact abrasion. A high seated tongue also made of the same "Vectorarmour" material and is meant to protect both the top of the foot and the lower shins. The CCM U+ 07 pair also includes a second interior liner for comfort which CCM refers to as the "Clarino" liner and a universal wide foot cavity meant to be substantial for various sizes.


  • Mid-grade Ice Skate Pair
  • Available In Adult and Child Sizes
  • Matching Hockey Armor Set (Purchased Individually)
  • "UFOAM" Interior; Conforms to Feet When Warm
  • "Vecterarmour" Hard Protection Exterior
  • "Clarino" Additional Interior Liner for Comfort
  • Universal Wide Foot Cavity

Sizing Specifications

  • Senior
    • 6-12 D,E F/H
  • Junior
    • 1-5.5 D,E F/H

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